1. Send professional profile (resume, curriculum vitae, bio) with the nominator to
  2. Once your profile is approved, send membership fee.

Membership fee

Individuals: 100 US dollars (85 euros)
Institutions (schools, organizations etc.): 200 US dollars (170 euros)

How to send CID membership fee

Types of CID membership

  1. Individual Member
    Individual membership is for physical persons, that is individuals.
    An individual person can become AHSA World Member through being nominated by a AHSA World Member.
  2. Institutional Member
    Institutional membership
     is for juridical entities, that is schools, companies, amateur groups, federations, associations, foundations, business enterprises etc. Institutional membership does not imply that other members of the institution become AHSA World Member.

Being a Member of AHSA World, you will be entitled to:

  1. Present your report or work at world congresses, international festivals, workshops, competitions and other important events organized by Members of the AHSA World.
  2. Be informed about opportunities such as scholarships, jobs, invitations to teach or to lecture, new publications etc.
  3. Nominate members.
  4. Found a section of AHSA World in your city, thus representing it officially.